Double Your Web Traffic In Just 7 Days

How To Increase Your Organic Web Traffic in a Week

Seven days is all it takes to make SEO work for you. There are two key elements that affect your rankings, on-page (your content) and off-page (other websites that link to you and the structure of those links).

Google especially (as the most popular search engine in the UK) is looking for the most relevant content to show its users.  Once it has all the relevant content from all suitable websites, it has to decide the order to show them in.

To do this it uses popularity, trust and authority metrics to rank all the suitable content in order of usefulness.

Your challenge is to make your content as relevant as possible and then to increase the popularity of that content with powerful links from authority, themed, relevant websites.

When your trust and authority exceed that of your competitors then you will outrank them.

How To Create Content Relevance

Relevance is created by writing high quality, unique content that people interact with and find valuable.

If real people like your content then Google will learn to like it too.

We interviewed Dave Holland MD of Deeho who said, the trick is to include your most important keywords (and more importantly variations or your keywords and search phrases) within the key indicators on your pages.

The main elements on your page that need to include a variation of your keywords are; the page title, the main H1 heading tag, within the content and in the alt text of images on your page.

If you do this then you will have a page that has core relevance for your keyword.


Links pointing to your site are the biggest influencer of your rankings. It’s important to only have good quality sites linking to you.

If a site isn’t included in Googles index then it isn’t a good site to request a link from. There is always a reason why a site isn’t indexed.

Link anchor text is very important, critical even to your long term web traffic and has a huge impact on your rankings. Over optimization of anchor text is the biggest single mistake that people make when building links.

It;s important to have a natural balance between different types of anchor text. It’s only natural to have a dominance of Brand and URL text, along with junk text such as ‘click here’, ‘read more’ etc and lastly, you should have around 20% of your total backlinks using longtail phrases that contain many different variations of your target keywords.

This will give your pages the anchor text dominance that they need, without overusing ‘exact match anchor text’ repeatedly.

Keep your SEO campaign looking natural and you will achieve solid, long term top ten rankings and increase your web traffic in as little as 7 days.